The fire protection system in any commercial building is a critical element designed to detect fires, save lives, and reduce damages.

To ensure your system is always working correctly and can be relied upon, a fire alarm system inspection and test should be performed by a qualified fire alarm system testing and inspection service.

Only when it is known that the system is functioning properly can you have the peace of mind that the building is well-protected.

How Often Should Inspections and Testing Be Done?

To be certain that a building is National Fire Protection Association and local fire code compliant as is required of most commercial buildings, a fire alarm system inspection of the entire system should take place once every year and an examination of the smoke detection system every two years.

To maintain safety compliance, these assessments must be performed by a professional fire protection systems service.

What Happens During A Fire Alarm System Test and Inspection?

There are a few types of fire alarm system testing that each system should undergo to be sure of correct functionality and sensitivity.

A brand new fire alarm system must have what is called an acceptance test once it is put into operation.

This test checks the functionality of every component in the system to ensure the system was correctly installed and is working properly.

Within the first year that the system is in operation, it must then undergo a follow-up test called a sensitivity test which determines whether the system is operating within the manufacturer’s ranges for detecting smoke and fire as well as alerting.

Once beyond its first year of operation, each system should undergo routine assessment to be certain that everything is still working the way it should be from year to year.

Routine fire alarm system inspections and tests include a visual appraisal and functional testing of the following parts of the building’s fire protection system:

  • Detectors and Initiating Devices - All smoke, heat, duct, and beam detectors are tested for serviceability.
  • Notification System - All horn, chime, and speaker strobes as well as the mass notification system are tested.
  • Fire Alarm Panel - The fire alarm control panel is tested.

How Long Will The Inspection and Testing Take?

The time required to perform a thorough fire alarm system test and inspection will vary depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the system.

Some can be performed in an hour, while others might take many hours to a few days to fully test.

What Happens If The System Fails?

If during fire alarm system testing, one or more components on the system fail to perform correctly, the fire protection system service will notify you of the problem and then work to resolve it.

Whether it requires equipment repair, equipment replacement, or installing a newer, updated system, all issues must be remedied and the system fully operational again for that building to retain NFPA compliance.

Keep Buildings Safe with Regular Fire Alarm System Testing

When having invested in your commercial building enough to put in a fire protection system, it is essential to continue to rely on that system over the years.

Be sure yours will protect people and property by having a fire alarm system inspection done every year.

Performed by a qualified fire alarm system testing company, a yearly inspection is the critical maintenance that an alarm system needs so it won’t ever fail!

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