Comprehensive Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections

When it comes to safety of your company’s employees, inventory, and building, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sites such as businesses, offices, and industrial properties must have a fully functional fire alarm system in place. Better Fire Protection can inspect, remodel, or repair your current fire alarm system, or even install a completely new one. If you have a new commercial location under development, we can also assist with new construction services. Please give us a call today to learn more about our work or to schedule a fire alarm inspection in Bryan, College Station, Huntsville, Temple, Waco, or the surrounding Texas areas.

Fire Alarm Inspection ServicesFor Bryan, College Station, Huntsville, Temple & Waco, TX

Often people who have only ever experienced planned fire drills and never a real emergency situation will under-appreciate the value of fire alarms. It’s easy to think of them as just the thing that beeps annoyingly when it needs a new battery or starts wailing when a bag of microwave popcorn gets burnt. The truth is that fire alarms save lives every day. This is only possible, however, if they are kept in proper working order with regular testing and maintenance. The National Fire Protection Association requires fire alarm inspections to be completed annually, but really a greater frequency is necessary to maximize safety. These inspections must be conducted by qualified professionals like those here at Better Fire Protection. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a fire alarm inspection for your building!

There is a process to performing an official fire alarm inspection. The first step is to alert the local fire department and other authorities that the test will be taking place in order to avoid any unnecessary responses to false alarms. From here on out, the inspection is a two-person job, with one stationed at the fire alarm panel to ensure it activates correctly while the other goes about checking the system. This second technician will locate all the smoke detectors and pull stations on each floor and test them using special tools. The next step involves setting off the fire alarm horns and strobes, so the technicians will first notify anyone currently occupying the building that they will be intentionally setting off the system for a short period of time. If there are no issues up to this point, the final task of the process is to test the backup batteries for the fire alarm panel and notification appliance circuit to ensure that everything will continue to function moving forward.